Learn to Forgive Others..

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16 January 2010  

Every day we encounter new obstacles designed by a superior being to teach, we hope new lessons about human nature and giving us the tools necessary to function in our society. As we learn these new skills from birth to adulthood, our attitudes become more expansive and our knowledge. This is what we choose to do with these attributes that allows individuals to be individuals.


An important attribute we learn from childhood is the act of forgiveness. Parents teach their children to say "sorry" for misconduct or for doing something wrong. We are taught to say "sorry" for making mistakes in our work. We are taught to be humble when we know we've done wrong. But are we excusing received in return? Does your employer you forgive when you arrive late at work for the fifth time this week? Will you be able to forgive your partner for breaking an heirloom that has been in your family for generations and how we learn to forgive?

Forgiveness is a learned behavior but that comes with great responsibility. Telling someone that you forgive them, means you're willing to spend the harmful act behind you and you spend your life. Simple acts of forgiveness for things such as excused a person bumping into you at the supermarket or milk toddler spills are easy to forget and forgive. But what about the whole situation? Is it easy to forgive more suffering and pain?

As a person moves into adulthood, learning to manage pain and pain becomes difficult. We tend to think about things in this fast-paced world in which we live, we also tend to remember more things, especially emotions. We tend to allow our anger to overtake us, leading to a heavier burden to bear.

Learning to forgive is difficult and does not fall within the framework of a manual with clear instructions. We can know the forgiveness of those who lived before us. By learning to forgive and to grievances in the past, will make a lighter load that we carry in our daily lives. In clinging past hurt no longer overwhelm us, weighing us therefore with profound sadness. By releasing the pain and anger and forgiving others, we feel the truth of our well-being. Knowing that you can forgive is a valuable asset and knowledge is power, allowing each of us to live a long and fruitful life.

Ultimately, we are all very similar. We all face these days life incidents today. We all have different moods, for example, good mood and happy, sad mood and bad mood. We will also have hurt someone, when you're in a bad mood. If we realize that the person who struck us have some bad mood or if we compare in the same situation, our anger on them will be reduced. So if we practice to forgive others, it will give a peaceful life for ourselves and also others. This will create a pleasant environment.

Sometimes you read "something and it can totally change your life. Do not spend one day more miserable. You can change your life forever. Do not be robbed of your peace, joy and happiness for a day longer.