Latin phrases englishized

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

28 November 2011  

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Today's post deals with Latin phrases that has found a permanent place in the English Vocabulary. Well, to be honest, this applies mostly to the visible portion of the post and not to the invisible portion offered for download. The downloadable file has as many as 157 pages. I have included the wikipedia-link therein for your further reference. I'm sure, you would extol my path-breaking copy-paste job. smiley


I'm also certain that if you have read this far, you would, without fail, go on to like the rest.


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A priori  = From what comes before.

Ad absurdum = To the point of absurdity.

Ad hoc = For this purpose.

Ad infinitum = Without limit.

Ad nauseam = To a sickening extent.

Alma Mater = One's old school.

Alter ego = Alternative self.

Annus horribilis = A horrible year.

Agnus Dei  = Lamb of God.

Aqua pura  = Pure water.

Aqua vitae  = Water of life.

Ars longa, vita brevis  = Skill takes time to acquire, but life is not so long.



Carpe diem  =  Seize the day / 'Enjoy the day, pluck it when it is ripe'.

Caveat emptor  = Let the buyer beware.

Cogito ergo sum  = I think, therefore I am.



De facto  = In fact.

De Jure  = Concerning the law.

Dei Gratia  = By the grace of God.



E Pluribus Unum  = One from many.

Et cetera (etc.)  = And the rest.

Ex libris  = Out of the books.



Gloria in excelsis deo  = Glory to God in the highest.



In absentia  = In one's absence.

In camera  = In private chamber.

In flagrante delicto  = In the act of committing an offence.

In loco parentis  = In the place of a parent.

In vitro  = In  glass ( test tube).

Ipso facto  = By that very fact.



Magnum opus  = A great work.

Mea culpa  = My fault.

Modus operandi (m.o.)  = Mode of operating.



Nolens volens  = Willingly or unwillingly (see also, willy-nilly).



Post-partum  = After childbirth.

Praemonitus, praemunitus  = Forewarned is forearmed.

Prima facie  = At first sight; on the face of it.

Pro bono  = Without charge , for the public good.



Opus Dei  = The work of God.



Quid pro quo  =  A favor for a favor.

Quo Vadis?  =  Where are you going?



Rigor mortis  =  The rigidity of death.



Semper fidelis  =  Always faithful.

Sine qua non  =  Indispensable.

Status quo  = The existing state or condition.

Sub judice  =  Before a court.



Tempus fugit  =  Time flees.

Terra firma  =  Solid ground.



Urbi et orbi  =  To the city and to the globe.



Veni vidi vici  =   I came, I saw, I conquered.

Vice versa  =  The other way around.

Vivat Regina  =  Long live the queen.

Vox populi  =  The voice of the people.


Now, after all these, if the scroll button of your mouse is still working, please find attached the aforementioned file.