Last minute tips for isca final course

Ashutosh Balkrishna Ghate (Seeking Job) (59 Points)

09 November 2015  

Hello Friends,

I'm going to share some Last Minute Tips for ISCA. Hope you find it useful.

1. Try to complete whole syllabus one day before exam, so that you can read RTP, Mock & Suggested on the next day. Reading all this will help to judge exactly what is expected in a particular question. 

2. Don't study Chapters like Governance, Acquisition & Development, Regulatory Issues, Emerging Technologies in one sitting. It can be boring as well as confusing. Instead, do one approach, one stage, cloud computing and like. 

3. Understand the underlying logic so that you can memorize easily. 

4. Have a time frame for each question. E.g. only 10 minutes for BYOD. This helps to cover entire syllabus. (This really works) 

5. VERY VERY IMPORTANT - Read questions carefully. There are so many concepts in ISCA having very similar names and nothing else in common. ICAI just enjoys testing us on such questions. So think twice before you finalize the answer in your mind, no matter how much simple it apparently looks. 
To the contrary, sometimes we initially believe a question to be tricky, which in fact turns out to be simple. 

6. In exam also, don't waste too much time on a single question. Instead try to attempt as many questions as you can. 

Wish you all the BEST :-)