Jobs for CWA's

CMA Sonu... (Asst. Manager - Finance)   (158 Points)

18 July 2011  

Hi Frnds,

It has been seen and observed by me and some of my frnds that Qualified CWA's are not able to get any good jobs.

Reason : they are not able to highlight their potential & CWA Degree which is a Professional Benchmark!!

hmmm, don't worry dear frnds i'm gonna share what i did and got what every 1 always wanted.

I joined a BPO after Qualifying CWA and worked there for 2yrs. where i learned Oracle 11i & SAP-Fi/Co

And over there i also got international exposure with Client, Good Excel skills & my comm skills became EXCELLENT..


Now when after Two yrs i applied in an Very Big International MNC, i was selected over  CA's & CWA's coz i was carrying all the things i told above & i was able to share all that in a very profecient way!

I'll be more than happy if any frustrated CWA would climb the ladder of success via my Short Cut..

All the Best...


And yes, now i'm gonna do some reports on my offic laptop to justify my packg of 5Lakhs p.a.