ITR-U for FY 21-22 - TDS Credit greater than Late filing fees - Unable to create file

Uttam Saha (5 Points)

31 December 2023  

For FY21-22, ITR has not been filed earlier, the overall clarifications are as follows:

1) The individual has net income after all deductions around 4,30,000/-+

2) He has TDS credit for Rs. 2700+ (Dividend - 530+, Professional fees - 350+ & Commission - 1820).

3) While trying to create the file through the excel utility - file not being generated because of 1700/- refund

The individual has filed his return for FY 22-23. Under the circumstances what is the process to be followed that is acceptable by the IT Department?

Are we allowed to take TDS credit for only 880/- (530+350) and carry forward the TDS for 1820/-, thereby we may pay the shortfall for = 120/-+interest that may applicable. This may allow us to generate the file.

In that case what about the corresponding commission for 37000 with regard to TDS credit for Rs. 1820/- which we may be allowed to carry forward - Can we carry forward only the TDS credit in FY 23-24 and commission remains shown under FY21-22 or do we need to carry forward both commission & related TDS credit.

Please guide