IT REFUND to NRE Bank Account

Pratosh (Project Manager) (85 Points)

04 September 2022  

Hi All, 

ITR 2 does not allow to add NRE savings account. What it allows is NRO account. 

I have a portfolio which is under PINS NRE account. I had traded and by profits and have LTCG and STCG on it which my bank debited under section 195. 

My refund is now processed and my due refund which is income from NRE funds now must be credited to my NRO account, 

Does it mean that CGs on investments under NRE account is considered as income generated in India and is to be credited only to NRO ? 

I have seen scenario where in someone who is filing from 2006/07 his IT refunds are still being credited to NRE account and someone who started to file recently can not add his / her NRE account for refund credits. 

Can someone highlight as sizable profits from CG is being converted from NRE money ( repatriable) to NRO (non repatriable fully) money and I will be liable declare it income and will be taxed next year!