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I am following up with CPC on my income tax refund matter. They are not giving clear answers. They are saying that this year department has made some changes in its processing and hence it could take some more days. My refund is reflecting in 143(1) and it’s a 20 day old story now.

Since most of the experienced members on this forum are CAs or in finance field, just want to know if there’s any truth in what cpc helpdesk are saying. Is it true that department has made some changes in refund processing and is that the reason for delay?

There’s no communication from cpc on this matter whatsoever. No information if there's any action due from my side or their side. My 'worklist/for you action' items under efiling have no such action items.

Moreover I asked them if for example it takes say 2 months to credit refund, is cpc going to compensate by added interest. They say no further interest shall be given than what’s specified in 143(1). This is  bad news. It means cpc can utilize the money as they want and still not compensate by additional interest.


To claim your income tax refund this year, then apart from filing income tax return (ITR), you have to do one more additional step. This is because the process of claiming income tax refund has been tweaked a bit by the tax department.

From this year, you will have to make sure that you have pre-validated your bank account in which you wish to receive the income tax refund once your return is successfully filed.

Assessee can pre-validate through e-filing portal .

CPC did not say anything on bank account validation. As far as I know account validation happened automatically when I logged in to IT portal from within my internet banking login. If so I am surprised that no failure notice has yet been sent by cpc to me. They should have tell me that they can not process my refund for so and so reasons. Else how a taxpayer would know what's wrong with it? 


Some more observations. When I call cpc all they say is wait for few more days. They are in hurry to close the phonecall and most importantly earlier they would log each and every call as a helpdesk ticket and record it. Now whenever I talk about refund they just say wait for few more days and close the call and do not log any ticket anywhere. I don't get any mails from cpc that I ever called them on refund processing. Something does not feel right about my refund now.



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