Issue of Share Certificates in BM held abroad

udit sharma (Company Secretary) (2303 Points)

06 December 2010  


A Ltd. is a JV (50:50) between B Ltd. (Indian Company) and C Ltd.(Foreign Company). Now, A Ltd. has obtained the consent of the members by way of a Special Resolution under Section 81(1A) for making preferential allotment of Equity Shares to the promoter entities in proportion to their respective contibution in the paid up capital of the Company.

My Query is can the BM of the Company be held in Singapore for allotment and issue of share certificates to the Promoter Entities???????

Stamp Duty on the Share Certificates is payable in accordance with the laws of the state where the Share Certificates are issued and executed...... So the Stamp Duty on the said Share Certificates will be paid in accordance with the laws of Singapore???????/

Can an EGM of the Company be held in Singapore?????The Law is silent regarding the place of the EGM ????????Kindly post ur replies at the earliest! Its really urget......

God Bless

Udit Sharma