Isca - help

Rishikesh (CA CMA CS-Professional)   (337 Points)

31 January 2014  

My first attempt in CA Final was in November 2013. I cleared 1st Group but failed 2nd Group due to ISCA.

My Marks in 2nd Group are:

AMA : 59

ISCA : 17

DT    : 59

IDT    : 53


I don't understand why they have given so less marks in ISCA eventhough I wrote the paper very well. I attempted the whole paper and I am sure I wrote 80% of the paper correctly with the right points. I have applied for the certified copies of ISCA paper to be delivered at my home.


I had studied ISCA from Devang Dalal book. My question to you all is this:

1.  Is there any chance of my clearing CA final due to revaluation in certified copies? 

2. Should I change the book from which I studied ISCA.. If yes, then which book would you recommend?