is sonia gandhi is that important for india?

Bhav Bhuti Sharma (Towards Professionalism )   (823 Points)

20 April 2011  




President, ICWAI met MOS (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

Shri B.M. Sharma, President called on Shri RPN Singh Hon'ble Minister of State (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) on Jan 28, 2011. He also holds the additional charge of MoS (Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas).


today i visit site of icwai in which i saw a photo ... in office of Corporate Affairs they put a photo of sonia gandhi instead of mahatma gandhi . She is not a minister . then why her photo is there . i know  i am not in postion to ask such type of question my work is to study but i am an indian and these type of question will always raise in my mind . .