Is facebook a must ?

Sourav (Achieving d UnAchieved) (991 Points)

23 December 2012  

Hello Teachers, Motivators, Councillors and all my dear Friends on CCI,

I would like to speak about my friend.

He is a CA final student. He is professional minded and doesnot use facebook. All his friends tease him saying " Kya kar tu kaunsa century mein ji raha that you dont use facebook". They go on and on teasing him.

He came to me for help. He is quite depressed because of the environment surrounding him and just cannot concentrate on his studies. He states that when he does not like social networking, why the hell the world is behind teasing him.

Please help me out, so that I can help him.

I too agree with his view point that none should be compelled to use Facebook. It should be at one's discretion to use it or not.

Please Please help me, so that I can help him.