K Sai Ramesh (Employee) (26 Points)

27 December 2007  


Dear Sir / Madam ,

I am having doubts in issues

1.)  As my income for the F.Year 2007-08 is going to be taxable .

Could you please suggest me to avoid tax . Also i require your advise to save tax  atleast for the next two years by investing once .

For Eg: By making an investment in Public Provident fund / National saving certificate  for 2 years  in that case can i avail the deduction for both the years( Currebt Financial year & the next Financial year )

2.) I am expecting the Provident from both of my previous employers during this financial year (or) next Financial year . In this regard, The income that i receive will be taxable only  for that year (or) all the financial years .

Could you please look into this & advise me on both these issues

Thanking You

With warm regards,