Interview questions : tell me about your self

poojitha chowdary (MD) (50 Points)

25 August 2011  


Tell me about yourself? 
It is the common and the most important question in every interview. This question is very crucial for the interviewer to have the first impression of the candidate. Most effective way is to prepare your self for several times. If you are well focused on the skills, the interviewer will concentrate on the accomplishments done by you and you will feel comfortable while saying answers. If it is a campus interview then start describing your schooling, college and professional studies in a sentence or two, then talk about family members and then switch over to achievements in your college in a systematic way. 
If it is an executive or managerial position you may introduce yourself briefly, and then describe your experience in the industry and detailed explanation of your success in the last company. If gives a chance tells about yourself, what will you do in this organization and how will you do things much better. Use these words I am a self starter, highly motivated, energetic, result oriented, good communicator, co-operative and a team player as this will creates a good impression.