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Interview of a Company Secretary

Renu Goel (Company Secretary) (207 Points)

07 February 2011  

Can anyone please tell me some important sections of company law which are generally asked in a interview of a Company Secretary of a private company???  

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sonali laha (CS student) (136 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

1. What is a "Company"?characteristic of Company.

2. Diff btwn Pvt co & Pub co?

3. wht r d role of a secretary in a company?

4. some impt compliances of pvt co.

Charu (nil) (122 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

Most Important:

`What are your Salary Expectations'?

CS Snehal (Compliance Manager) (346 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

What are the benefits of a pvt company over a public company or vice versa.

Sections not applicable to pvt company

Originally posted by : Charu

Most Important:

`What are your Salary Expectations'?

Pothuganty sudheer (Consultant, C.A, C.S) (411 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

1) Role of Company secretary

2) Questions on any recent ammendments in corporate laws

3) Provisions applicable only to Pvt companies

4) Salary expectations


Wish you all the best,

with best wishes,

CS Ankur Srivastava (Company Secretary & Compliance Officer)   (17821 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

Loan to Directors.


Salary to Executive Directors.


Part IX Company.


Capitalization of Profit.


New Schemes / amendments.


Some Finance / Tax / Legal issues, if they require.

Ranjeet kumar sahu (CWA Qualified/CA/CS) (186 Points)
Replied 07 February 2011

Any more updates

naveen k nadhamuni (tax consultant) (146 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

be careful on this question if u shift one company to another..

1)why you want to join in this company?

2)any reasons for you to quit the last one?

3)can you emphasise why we should take you?(i.e.your strengths)

Jayashree S Iyer (Company Secretary) (3224 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

Some of the important Sections are -

Meetings - General as well as Board

Directors - Appointment, qualifications, removal,  etc. including appointment of Additional, casual and Alternate Directors

Remuneration to Directors and MD / WTD  (309, 310, 349, 350, Schedule XIII)

Appointment of MD / WTD (269)

Office of place of profit (314)

Appointment of CS (383A)

Powers exercisable at Board Meetings only (292)

Restrictions of Board Powers (293)

Loan to Directors (295)

Contracts in which directors are interested (297)

Disclosure of interest by director (299)

Interested director not to participate or vote in Board's proceedings (300)

Intercorporate investments (372A)

Knowledge of Statutory Registers

Procedural aspects viz., holding of AGM, EGM, shifting of RO from one state to another, name change, MOA / AOA amendment, etc.

Matters requiring special / ordinary resolution and circular resolution

Appointment and removal of auditors

Share Transfer procedure

Audit Committee (292A)

Postal Ballot (192A)

Registration of certain resolutions and agreements (192)




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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari (TaXpert) (15065 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

Question asked at a interview taken by DELL:

what is equity capital. what is authorised capital. What is debentures. what is paid-up capital?

CA. Dashrath Maheshwari (TaXpert) (15065 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011


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Sudhir Garg (Service) (236 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

Dear Renu

Please always keep in mind management always concentrate how can you be useful to the organisation. Therefore, the centre point of all questions will always depends the nature of business of the respective company. AND it is always not necessary that management (for Pvt company, more often)  will ask only company law questions, they may ask the questions about which they expect from candidate.

regards- sudhir

Priya Sharma (Company Secretary & Student.MBA)   (998 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

I too agree with Sudhir.

sunil modi (Company Secretary) (30 Points)
Replied 08 February 2011

Tell me about u r self

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