Interest u/s 234A

Sai Krishna (Articled Assistant) (32 Points)

29 May 2013  

How come Interest u/s 234A be ascertained if payment of self assessment tax is done earlier than filing of the return?(Both being done after the due date u/s 139(1))

For Ex: A person has tax payable of Rs.10,000.(for A Y 2012-13)

his interest u/s 234A upto may(including May) comes to Rs.1,000(For 10 Months)

on 29th may 2013 the assessee has paid the requisite amount of Rs.11,000. (including interest)

but he filed the return only on 5 th of June 2013.

Whether there is any obligation to pay interest for the month of June, Since the law says the interest u/s 234A is to be calculated till the date of furnishing the return of income.