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Mukesh Choraria (Professional Motivator) (853 Points)

11 February 2011  


Instant Motivation TechniqueAs you might already know, if you fail to achieve something that you want in your life, it is because that you’re not taking the right action that brings you toward your goals.

It is either you take the wrong action and lead to the wrong results, or it is because you’re not doing anything at all. If you take action but fail to achieve your goals, it is because you’re using the wrong strategies, change your strategies and keep on trying until you achieve your goals.

While if you’re not doing anything and you’re just sitting right there waiting for money to fall from the sky, there is one thing that you can do to drive yourself up and get in excited state again.

And that is what I’m going to share with you today. I’m going to share with you the instant motivation technique that you can use the moment you’re down. After you use this instant motivation technique, you’ll get excited, back to your peak state and ready to take massive action.

#1 Common Reason People Fail To Achieve What They Want In Their Life

One of the reasons most people fail to achieve what they want in their life is this, the lack of action. Most people just dream about what they want and wish that their dreams will come true someday. But you know it very well that if you’re not doing anything, nothing will ever come true.

And the reason people are not taking action is because that they are not in the motivated state. Did you notice that sometimes when you’re motivated, you get more things done? This is why you need motivation and drive to propel you into taking massive of action.

And this is also the reason I come up with this post, to share with you this instant motivation technique. If you use this technique correctly, I believe that you’ll be able to drive yourself into your peak performance state again and so you’ll be able to get more things done.

The main key here is to get you motivated so that you will take massive of action. Remember what I always say? “Success is about getting things done“.

Let’s discover this technique now…

Instant Motivation Technique

Actually, this technique is a common technique. I believe that you’ve used it in your life before, just that you did not realize that you’re actually using this technique.

Well, let me ask you this question, why do you feel motivated some of the time? For example, if one of your dream is to buy a luxury bungalow by the sea, and when you hear that one of your friends have just bought this kind of house, will you feel motivated? Most probably. Maybe you’ll tell yourself, “I’m going to buy it too”. So you end up feeling a little bit excited but it is not enough to get you 100% motivated.

But what if that friend of yours suddenly calls and invite you over to his new bungalow and he would like to share with you how he ended up buying that house? What do you feel? You’ll feel even more excited and you’ll boost up the level of motivation.

Let me show you another example. If one of your dreams is to own a BMW, then one day, when you’re walking in a shopping mall, suddenly you see that there is an automobile show event and there is a BMW that you always wanted there. So you walk there and have a look at that car. The salesman then tells you to have a seat and feel the feeling of actually driving it. Do you think that this will motivates you to get a BMW? Of course it will.

The question now I would like to ask is, what triggers that motivation force?

It is the things in your goals or in your dreams that you can see, smell, feel, touch, hear or taste that motivates you. Therefore, you can simply use this as an instant motivation technique.

What You Can Do With This?

What you can do to motivate you with this is that, for instance, you can write down on a piece of paper of what you want to achieve or own or buy in your life. And then keep this paper close with you every single day. When you’re down, this paper will be the savior.

Take out this piece of paper and read aloud when you’re down, and see what happens.

Of course, this is just an example of how you can make use of this technique. There are still many ways you can trigger your peak state. Such as, if there is a key chain that has a picture of your dream car on it, and the moment you look at it you’ll feel motivated, it can be used when you’re down as well.

The key to make this technique a success is to make it as tangible as possible. It is even better if you can include your 5 senses into it at the same time. The level of motivation is higher when you see and hear something that motivates in the same time than when you are just seeing or just hearing something that motivates you.

p.s. as usual waiting for your remarks...................

 6 Replies

Mukesh Choraria (Professional Motivator) (853 Points)
Replied 11 February 2011

Hope you guys liked it

Osama J. Q (IPCC / S.Y.Bcom Student)   (322 Points)
Replied 12 February 2011

Thanx for sharing...Good 1

pavithra (CA and CS student) (350 Points)
Replied 12 February 2011

Very nice..its really motivating.keep sharing

CA SURENDRA KUMAR RAKHECHA (Practising CA at Surat) (26248 Points)
Replied 13 February 2011

Very nice. 

Mukesh Choraria (Professional Motivator) (853 Points)
Replied 13 February 2011

Thank you Sir

CA Dheeraj S (Practicing CA) (427 Points)
Replied 09 September 2011

Nice one...Thanks for sharing.

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