Input Credit of Service Tax

Kamal Jain (FCA) (200 Points)

16 April 2009  

Pls help me know the solution in the light of following facts:

  • A Ltd incorporated on 1-1-2009 and provided services amounting to Rs 7,50,000 till 31-03-2009
  • Since Co. was within the monetary limit of Rs 10 Lacs fixed by the govt for small service providers, co did not registered itself under Service Tax.But co had paid service tax on some input services to a service provider say Rs.10,000/-
  • In the year 2009-10 company provides services for more than 10 Lacs and registered it self under service tax and has a output service tax liability say Rs 20,000/-

My Question is whether company is eligible to claim 10k input service against 20k out put service tax in the above case?

Thanks in advance.