Indian railways hikes tatkal ticket charges

CA Pallav Singhania (❤ Work Hard Party Harder ❤)   (32532 Points)

31 December 2015  

Railways waited for Parliament session to end to announce up to a 33 per-cent increase in its Tatkal charges.

The minimum Tatkal charges for AC-III tier has been increased from Rs 250 to 300 while the maximum has been hiked from Rs 350 to 400.

For AC-II tier, the hike is from Rs 300 to 400 as minimum charges and from Rs 400 to Rs 500 as maximum charge.

Similarly, increase in the sleeper class Tatkal charges is from Rs 90 to 100 as minimum and from Rs 175 to 200.

The second-class (general) charges have been left untouched. Tatkal charges are the premium a user pays above the fare.