Incredible India!!! Is it??

CA Sandeep Kumar (Audit Assistant) (804 Points)

27 December 2010  

What is India????

A nation where Pizza reaches faster than Ambulance & police....

Where you get car loan @ 6 % bu education loan @ 12 %....

Where rice is40/kg and onions at80/kg, but SIM card is free.....

Where people want worship Goddess Durga but want to kill their girl child...

Where cricketers and Olympic shooters gets crores, another shooter dies fighting a terrorist and his family gets one lakh!

Corrupt politicians escape, activist Binayak Sen gets life sentence!!!!

Instead of acting on the message, messenger gets killed!!! (ex: RTI activists)

Incredible India!!!! Oh really!??!!!


Certain statements may be exaggerated above, but nothing can be denied. Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer..Even good politicians in this country are not allowed to work properly. 

Thanks for patient reading, let us contribute as little as possible for the betterment of this country!

Wishing all in advance, a happy New Year 2011!! Hope India becomes a corrupt free country, let 2011 be a beginning!