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Yashpal Saun (Student) (54 Points)
Replied 15 August 2011

A stipend of 1000-1500 is like demeaning the profession of CA. I think we are no less than IIM's but still when it comes to stipends IIM guys take such a huge peice of cake and what do we get just "peanuts". I am not saying they should make our stipend equivalent to IIM's but atleast there has to be bare minimum which we can tell others. The kind of stipend we get is even less than what beggars would be earning in a month. This I think is kind of exploitation, when we are not even able to take care of our day to day expenses.

In my view 3-5k should be the minimum stipend institute should declare. Otherwise it just creates a spiral. Our principal's dont pay us because their principal's didnt pay them when they were articles and probably we would do the same if institute does not open up its horizons to realise the same.

CA articles should not be treated as cheap labour but as the foundation of future as tomorrow we'll be occupying leadership posts and they should prepare us for that.

Being a CA article the problem I hear most is the problem of not getting a proper stipend and there is huge dissatisfaction among students for this and untill and unless they are satisfied to a bare minimum level, how will they give there best.         

Aditya Sinha (CA Final, B.Com(H)) (117 Points)
Replied 15 August 2011

@ mahesh-- yes u r totally correct my frnd...!

and morally also, hard work must be rewarded...!!

I wish this issue vil soon knock the doors of ICAI....!!!

lnupadhyay (students) (99 Points)
Replied 15 September 2011

Originally posted by : AYUSH AGRAWAL
I Don't Think So.........

Yes, I Accept That Stipend is So Minimum But For Those Who Really Works, 
Or Those who Really Want to Work........

But What About For Those Who Didn't Work..

Just They Go Office Just Coz of Principal,
Bcoz He is Not Giving Leave..............

& They Just Go Office & Spend Their 6 Hours ( Officiallly) ..& There are Not Know Even Wat Is Official Work goin in office

& don't Want to do work.....

wat About They also..........

I Think This 1000-1500/- also Got Expensive For Principle For Such Students.

 Mr. Ranker at first learn how to speak and write english. GO TO H  E   L  L for what you have written above. Don't give example of those few articles like you who do nothing  at their office. and what about the majority of articles who rub their a s s at their offices

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