Income Tax Return Not Filing for under 2.5 lakh

Zeeshan Haris (46 Points)

25 August 2021  
I've been filing my Income Tax Return from last 4-5 years but income is under 2.5 lakh all these years and total proprietor's capital is around 6-7 lakh.
It's business income non-gst and turnover is less than 20 lakh.

So, if I skip return filing for say 2 years will I able to add my income for 2 years in which I didn't filled my return?
say FY20-21 & FY21-22 I didn't filled return and in FY22-23 I filled return and in 20-21 & 21-22 my income is 1.5lakh+1.5lakh will I able to add this in 22-23?