Income Tax Refund for AY 10-11

Mayank Ahuja ("Learner") (586 Points)

18 November 2010  

We have filed E-Return For Income Tax for AY 2010-11, as on 30.07.2010. As we sent Our Copy of ITRV to Bangalore, and get a E Acknowledgement for same, We are claiming Refund of 12000/- in it. Recently i move to ITAX Deptt  Delhi for processing such Refund but they deny for doing so, As they said u need to communicate with Bangalore Deptt.

Now my query is that How can we approach Bangalore Deptt for such refund i.e. is it possible through Mail ?

Or will Deptt will process my refund automatically? Is there any time limit for the same?

Kindly Revert me as soon as possible.

Hope it solves query of various assesses.