Income tax In India on Salary at Nederland

Dileep (Accountant) (82 Points)

18 October 2020  

During FY 2019-2020 I worked in India from 1st April 19 till 20th Feb 2020 From 21st Feb to 31st March 2020 I worked at Nederland (Still at Nederland as of day) I have following questions 1) My employer paid me initial settlement advance of Euro 6310/- (Amount loaded in Forex card given to me) and later deducted Euro 1052/- PM. No Income tax was deducted on this amount in India/Nederland ->Will this amount be treated as advance salary and TDS will be payable in India as per Indian Income Tax act ?


2) On salary paid to me at Nederland, Income tax is charged on 70% of the salary and balance 30% is shown as tax Free amount as per Nederland Income tax (As per their law if you are transferred from abroad, having specific skills, 30% of salary is Tax Free) -> Since 30% Salary is, Tax free income at Nederland Is it necessary to show this 30% amount as an Income & to pay tax on that amount as per Indian Income Tax Act ??