Income tax

Piyush Oswal (Article) (24 Points)

15 December 2012  

I had e-filed the Income Tax return for AY 2011-12 and AY 2012-13 in July 2012. A demand was raised for AY 2011-12 in Intimation u/s 143(1) received from the IT Department, CPC, Banglore. I duly paid the taxes under the head (400) Tax on regular assessment as per the demand, but while paying the taxes electronically I had wrongly stamped AY 2012-13 instead of AY 2011-12. I approached the banker but they did not entertain the query for rectifying the Mistake in selecting AY.


So, please guide me how can I rectify this mistake.


Name: Piyush Oswal

Email: harihar.piyush09 @