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Icwai demands drop chartered from icai

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You are refering me president or MCA minster , But i am simply like one of you.

I am not proud of what i am but i am proud of being with facts.

There should be healthy debate on the topics, all the views and ideas are just personal , it is upto just part of discusssion.Do not take in any ways. An idea can come from any where



Humyun ki tila , sher shah road , and many more are prateek of mughal , so can to dismanle all.

So there are somany thinsg lanuage cultures r, and even religion was brouth by mughals and british .

Can we avoid all these?

No not att all, we should adopt good one and reject bad one.

Our Indian accountants struggled to take " Chartred from english, we became succesful, Chartred word is not patented by britisg alone.

It is just exchange of things amongs socities


Rshid, i do not discuss on sensative topic.

for you they may be Zindabad, for other it may not be.

They are also from outside like british.

We should take good things from any socisety be it english or mughal, it doe not matters. and I think word chartred is oneof them


Aryans r also outsider bro...only dravids r  bhoomi putras. samjhe.....Mr. Manager... bus diffrence itna hai Mughals 650 saal pahle aaye aur Aryans 3500 saal pahle...

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I agreed with you,

that's why i told to accept good things from different society , and avoid bad one.



No need to do so,

there is always solution for every things , if both institutes sit togather and think positive for over all grothw of accounting profession, problem can be sorted out.


N.V.V.Chalapathi Rao (CFO) (33 Points)
Replied 17 December 2011

ICAI has disappointed not only members of ICWAI but also members of ICAI. Few Chartered Accountants are of the opinion that ICAI should not have allowed ICWAI  to be renamed as ICAI ( Institute of Cost Accountants of India). By doing so ICWAI have got the brand name of ICAI that was built by Chartered Accountants Institute over a period of 60 years. I am astonished how the  CA institute can take such irrational decision.

Further, as per the act that was passed in Rajya Sabha AICWA and FICWA can use the designation ACMA and FCMA.

Benefits to ICWAI

  • Works Accountant name is removed from ICWAI
  • Got the brand name of ICAI
  • Got the designation of ACMA and FCMA

Benefits to ICAI ( Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)- Nil






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ICWAI Should be Renamed ICMAI.

It's Very Simple.....No Need to Create such a huge Controversy And Confusion.

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S.V.C.Sekhar (Sr.Account Executive) (38 Points)
Replied 17 December 2011

We still dont understand as to why CA institute is opposing thre name change.Are they feaing that the market for CA's will come down due to name change.

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N.V.V.Chalapathi Rao

Even equalising ICWAI with ICAI by  same ancrym , they are not happy. you how they are using hatred and abusing words agaist ICAI.

Such kind professional ethics is to expected from own sister Institute? 


CA has been ranked No. One profession by society not only in India but across whole globe. Ca should focuss only on the quality its servies.

Prasad P (Chartered Accountant) (117 Points)
Replied 17 December 2011

While ICWAI demanded the name change for their institute , their intention was to get an international recognition by using the same name of an international body the quality of which they cannot even imagine. When they failed in that, they are trying to reach up to Chartered Accountants. How can we compare the both courses and quality?? CWAs cannot even imagine about the quality of a CA.CWAs are coming out without even knowing what a debit/ credit means.

Its similiar to the proverb 'An empty vessel makes much noice'. Their arguements about ICAI are just like the noices from an empty vessel.  Chartered accountants built this profession to this level and they are reputed for their profession. Now if the ICWAI is asking for a share for the same, it is shamefull on them. Why cant they prove their existence by their profession instead of begging for ICAI.

And about the word 'Chartered', why these ICWAI is more concerned about it?? what is their role in the name of a statutory body established by Govt of India ??

Better ICWAI try to improve the quality of their course by which the CWAs shall know atleast what a debit and credit means. 

Sorry if it hurt anybody.

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Prasad P (Chartered Accountant) (117 Points)
Replied 17 December 2011

Dear Mr Rashid, I repeat.... sorry if it hurt anybody

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There is no point of Zeher in CA and ICAI. Please know facts, all over world , it CA or CPA yar

It has never been CWA or CMA for  regulating accounting .

Just provide one country where CWA or CMA has been equal stature and functions in the field of acounting.

Each and every nation has bestowed the responsibity of total accounting and auditing profession to either CA or CPA .

It is ICWAI to violate that fundamentals of accounting profession. ICwAI can  not take any decision regarding accounting profession without consent of ICAI because GOI has made its concerned party. 

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KSB22 (Assitant Manager) (69 Points)
Replied 17 December 2011

Prasad P Sir, We are sorry too but please don't talk about quality. Otherwise we would have to regret for kind of professional Institute has supplied to market with 20-50% result. CPT paper Leak and Booth capturing  in the elections.

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