ICAI-Challenged and Questioned MCA & Moily

CMA Ravi Sankar Vipparla (CMA) (62 Points)

31 December 2011  



SHRI M. VEERAPPA MOILY: …in fact, after independence, why a

colonial name like Chartered should be there.






Unfortunately many felt in those days and some carry that misplaced notion even today that the designation ‘Chartered Accountant’ has a colonial baggage in it. Let us understand before we term and frame something colonial. All that is English or British is not colonial. With such wrongly-positioned understanding, ..


Therefore, we will have to be quite sensitive in understanding what colonial is.


Our journey had begun with quite a clear conscience. Even today, a change just for the sake of change will not be acceptable to us. We would not allow anybody, for that matter,

Our sense of responsibility and accountability is well-defined. We do not believe in futile exercises at the cost of our national resources, as this would be an absolute insult to the efforts of our intellectuals, who continue to command respect from all spheres of our society even today.