I have a doubt regarding filling of Return Of income tax

assessment year 2018-19
I missed a entry of 200000/- as salary which was yet to be received but my company filed the tds for the full 400000/- which I was to receive for that year but till the end of year I only received 200000/- and the balance amount was received in next year now the problem is that I have claimed the tds which my company deducted for whole 4lac but in my return I declared the salary which I received in that year and I came to know lately that I can't even file revise return.
please help me out

You can't file return for the A.Y-2018-19. Time is over

u can file for rectification of mistake online . otherwise u may get notice in 143 - 1 for mismatch probably.
Hence first of all u check ur 26 - AS statmnt & donld from efiling it sight, if employer showed Rs 4 Lakh income in 26 As, then u will have to go for rectification of mistake, i presume that yr Itr is not assessed yet


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