I Failed but not Defeated

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21 January 2016  

After the drastic CA final exams the "Surprise Surprise" result was expected not only by me but by everyone.

Unfortunately it didn't happened and the result was very disappointing and scary.

It was my second attempt for the finals and I was hoping to clear 2nd group at least, which was well attempted.

Preparation was good but not up to the mark. Completed all RTPs, Practice Manuals and referral books as well.

When result was declared I was at my aunt place in Chennai and waiting for a good news from my family as I've given them my roll and pin.

But due to some technical error site was not working and they were unable to see the result and the result was waiting for giving me the shock.

Got goose bumps while result was fetching, 48 in direct tax I was in shock. Never ever expected.

Some friends got their marks in binary language.

"No No No No No....... It can't be true!" my inner soul was dying and the brain was slowly perceiving my soul.
Finally I understood I am appearing in May 2016.

I called my Maa and she said only one thing "Failure means delay not the Defeat"

Somehow I manages myself and started where I'm lacking behind.

I biggest problem that I was having is AMA. The subject which gave me so such of pain will be dealt 1st with proper ammunition.

Yes, I'm 26, my younger cousins are CA now, few friends of mine age are working in Big companies and I'm still preparing for CA finals. Yes, its true its the reality. Sometimes its the last key on the ring which opens the door. Hope that the the last key is May,2016.

Only 3 months I've do study like hell then there is a Heaven for sure.

There is a Kabir's Doha which gave me a complete strength and hope.

मलिन आवत देख के, कलियन करे पुकार |
फूले फूले चुन लिए, काल हमारी बार ||


Success reward nothing less than the best, you need to commit yourself to excellence.

Success do not go to everyone who wished to get it but to those who believe in themselves, who plans,works and hope for the best.

The success rule for everyone is the same but the different is their approach. May be the approach was not appropriate this time.

This time I wont spent to much time to cut the tree but to sharp my Axe.

100 Days I have to clinch the word CA before my name.

This time I'm not gonna give ICAI any chance, I know my flaws and will cover it.


The Defeat is when you say " I Give Up"

I Failed but not Defeated.

मंजिल मेरे कदमों से अभी दूर बहुत है,
मगर तसल्ली ये है कि कदम मेरे साथ हैं…!!


Pallav Singhania