HR Audit Query

Radhesh Bhoot (Aspiring CA) (229 Points)

09 June 2011  


Hello friends,

One of my friend is in HR department and has certain questions, i request all of you to help me to answer her the following questions:

1. How is grautiuty calculated (Formula) and how to maintain the database for Grauity of the employees of the companies
2. What is super annuation and how is it need to be maintianed?  is there any formula to calculate it ?
3. How is PF calculated and what is the procedure for opening an account of PF? 
4. How to maintain the database of compensation break-up of an Employee?
5. What all need to be considered for internal audit? Help me with the guidelines
6. Proffesion Tax is deducted as yearly 2500? how do I show it in tracker.
Awaiting revert.