How to use Google Pay (Gpay) for transfer money to bank?

Babita Jain (Personal Assistant) (235 Points)

14 May 2021  

You can transfer money in your bank by using Google pay application follow these steps :-

How To Send Money From Google Pay (G pay)  app to the bank?

Know step by step setup video for Gpay 

  • First open Google Pay app in your Mobile
  • Click On The New Payment
  • then Click On Bank Transfer
  • Then Enter Bank Details
  • Account Number
  • Re-Enter Account Number
  • Enter IFSC Code
  • Write The Name Of The Account Holder
  • Click Continue
  • Add Amount
  • Enter Name
  • Click On Process To Pay
  • Enter UPI pin
  • Done

Congratulations your payment has been transferred in your bank account.