How to secure good marks in ca final financial reporting?

CA Parul Saxena (CA) (8458 Points)

30 January 2013  



Hello Friends…..this is my first article on caclubindia. Hope you would like it. I would like to give some guidance on CA final Accounts Paper based on my experience.

Friends all of you are going to be a Chartered Accountant and a CA is supposed to be very much familiar with this subject at least. “CA ko Accounts nahi aayega to aur kya aayega”….think like this….and you would be boosted on this particular subject.

We are studying this subject from 11th standard…and this is a subject in which you can secure the highest. So let’s come on the main point how to secure….here are some tips:-

Reference Material

For those who have taken coaching:- Class Notes are sufficient.

For those who haven’t taken coaching:- May refer Paduka or some other book .

Students who have not taken coaching are advised to focus at first on Basics, then solve the questions of previous attempts, RTPs and some technical questions at last. Questions of previous examinations and RTPs would be given chapter wise in your reference material.

Accounting standards play a vital role in this paper. Weightage of Accounting Standards usually remains 25-30 marks.ABC analysis of Accounting Standards are mentioned hereunder:-

Category A:    AS 16,17,18,19,20,22,26,28

Category B:     AS 2,11,12,13,15,29,30,31,32

Category C:     AS1,3,4,5,6,7,9,10

You may refer class notes for Accounting Standards but still if practice of some more questions are required Paduka is the best material to practice the questions.

First of all revise the Accounting standards mentioned in Category A thereafter focus on some small topics like Value Added Statement, NBFC, Share based Accounting. Thereafter you would gain confidence on the subject. Then accomplish the topics Valuation of goodwill, Amalgamation, Corporate Restructuring.

And then pick the Holding Chapter and spread it over a week….say if you have 70 questions in the chapter solve only 10 questions in a day and at last complete the rest of the remaining syllabus.

Friends, frankly speaking, you have to complete all the topics in the subject as it is final and we can’t predict what will come and what will not. But up to certain extent we can modify our way of studying and decide what to read on priority basis and what to read at last and achieve the heights of success.

Believe me, if you would study in this way…would be able to secure good marks in the subject.