How to prepare for cs executive exams june 2010 ??


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 I have posted this topic to know as to how to prepare for C.S. Executive Exams  June 2010. I am going to give both the groups in June.. How should i prepare in these 3 months time?? Please Help me out !!! Are three months enough to prepare ?? Please do reply to this post ...


Its a bit difficult tho but nothing is impossible... if u have decided to appear for both groups thn u gotta toil hard ...Since u've got only a limited time left the only option left with u is to study the scanners n suggested answers.....  


i'm giving only one group in june 2010 so will scanners be enough for cost,accounts and tax theory?


As there is shortage of time u should refer Guidelines & Suggestive issued by Institute of last 10 Yrs( or scanner).

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Simple preparation tips_CA & CS Exams 2010

1. As per my understanding your very first step should be to decide whether to go for coaching or self study. Consider this question very vital for a good start of your preparation. You don’t have to wait until exam time approaches.

2. Buy a latest Scanner from the market and analyse it properly. According to me full understanding of Scanner regarding how to use it, is very essential as it gives you a bird’s eye view of every subject of your professional course.

3. Prepare a list of Exam oriented important chapters with the help of scanner and design your study schedule accordingly. The earlier you perform this exercise, the more time you will have to design your study schedule and prepare for the examination.

4. Prepare a list of frequently asked questions from scanner and design your ATLAS accordingly. Please find below “My ATLAS Method”
┬Łat the end of this article as a ready reference for new members.

5. Understanding of Examination pattern in a proper manner is also very important. If you have good understanding of Examination pattern then you can easily plan for exam paper according to your strength. For example in Audit or Law papers I used to write flat questions first like short note etc. instead of practical problems as practical problems are a bit time consuming.

6. Decide your study time. In the beginning it is not necessary to invest 10-12 hours for your study. A 5-8 hour productive study would be enough. Remember, it is the quality and not the quantity of study that is required.

7. In the beginning of your study time management is very crucial. So focus on time management and keep asking yourself Is this the best use of my time. This is to share with you all that am still using this Q and A technique.

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For financial, forex and treasury management== Study Material + Scanner  with ICSI Guidelines of previous exam


Tax Laws--Girish Ahuja (for theory) & V.K. Singhania for practical problems




1) General and commercial law==Study Material + Scanner problems with ICSI Guidelines solutions of previous exam especially for practical problems and their presentation.

2) Company Accounts == Shukla & Grawal + Question given in Study Material


3) Cost and Mgt. Accounts == S.N. Maheshwari + Question given in Study Material

4)Company law== Munish Bhandari + Study Material + Scanner

5)Security law and compliances--Study Material + Scanner  with ICSI Guidelines of previous exam

6)Economic and Labour laws.— Study Material + Scanner  with ICSI Guidelines of previous exam

Best Regards

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Thanks for the gesture. Hope the info above is off some help.

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Originally posted by : Ankur Garg

Thanks for the gesture. Hope the info above is off some help.

Oh yes sir your posts are indeed helpful :) Actually i had finished about 50 chapters out of the total 120 but was quite worried, your ATLAS method is Awesome, and yes , revision from scanners indeed is generating confidence, for company law your handouts prove to be a boon :) Thanks a lot sir, its good to see professionals like u working for our benefit :) Wishing you the best of times ahead :)

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Its really nice to hear from you. Do whatever you want to do but never let your confidence go down coz with self confident you can do anything or handle any kind of situation.


During study time also give enough time to yourself and your mind to relex. It is all very imp.


Wish you all the success in life. Regards


thanks for all ur help maam seema and sir ankur



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