How to make old partnership deed on high value stamp paper

Balaji Wellness (8 Points)

01 August 2023  

I had made a partnership deed on March 20, 2023 on a stamp paper of Rs.200. The PAN card of the partnership firm has also been made, but the GST officer is saying that the deed should be made on stamp paper of the value of 2000. I also took 2000 stamp paper on 1st August 2023. But when I read on the internet that a deed cannot be made before the date of the stamp paper, So I am confused.

so will you help me what should I write to make the same partnership deed on 2000 stamp paper?


First Line of Deed is "This deed of partnership is made on 20th day of March 2023 between:"


Duration of Partnership is "The duration of the partnership will be at will."


please help me in this