How to Control / Operate your PC from anywhere in the World

Amit (Service) (457 Points)

03 January 2009  

Dear All

I have found one amazing site through which you can control and operate your PC from anywhere in the world.............Amazingly its totally free. To avail such an extraordinary facility

Create your account with

Add the Computer you want to control [ Precondition - You must have physical access to the computer to which you want to control, atleast at the time of adding up the said computer in your LogMeIn account ]

Then start operating the said computer by logging-in your account. Even you can take the control of screen.

I am pasting below the whole procedure .

U can easily understand from the screen shots attached in between...... Despite that if you are unable to follow the procedure, u can reply me.

Here we go.................... ALL THE BEST.


Create an account on LogMeIn [ ]




Hope all are you been successful to follow the procedure by screen shots.

Only request is that use this SITE only for noble cause and not to harm anyone.

You can listen the music / watch the movie / access the desktop screen from any corner of the WORLD. ........ Enjoy