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Pragati Pasayat ( B.COM.(A/c)(H) IPCC)   (292 Points)
Replied 09 September 2010


 Five exercises to practise every day!

i. Pretend you are a newscaster and read out the newspaper to your mirror.

ii. Do not read local newspapers. Focus on national newspapers.

iii. While reading a book, underline all the words you do not know. Look them up in the dictionary.

iv. Make a list of these words, and make sure you use at least five of them in a conversation during the day.

v. Most important, make an effort to speak in English to your friends and family.

Syed Faraz (Manager, Audit, KPMG) (375 Points)
Replied 31 March 2011

The irony is the topic of the post itself isn't in good English :P

martin (freelance language trainer)   (23 Points)
Replied 08 December 2012

As an English teacher I'd just add that by far the best grammar books are the "English in Use" series by Raymond Murphy - they've been around for the last 20 years but there's nothing better if you are learning or teaching English.

The first book, Essential Grammar in Use, is red and contains all the basics.

The 2nd book, English Grammar in Use, is blue and is more advanced.

Highly recommended for anyone serious about studying the language.

@VaibhavJ (Believe!! Live your dreams!)   (33511 Points)
Replied 08 December 2012

Very well said.. Thanks for Sharing.. Bookmarked

To improve rapidly .. you must change your thought process in english and also need to have conversation in english with each people you meet.

Do not give up if you fumble you can mix up vernacular words in between but continue speaking in english.

Do read News Paper since it contains frequently used words so that your vocabulary & slang of talking gets builtup.

Listenn n Listen n Listen because all kids learn the language same way.

Do not try to transliterate from vernacular to englist, becase the way english is spoken is sumtine totally different...

All the best

Ashwin (CA Final) (242 Points)
Replied 20 December 2012

Thx for sharing....:)


slezot (Manager) (2 Points)
Replied 01 July 2022

Despite topic is old I can also offer some online services that allow to you to learn english via Dualingo Premium APK or video connections.

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