How raise TDS Query for incorrect interest Jurisdiction report

Viswa nath (Sales professional) (60 Points)

05 June 2023  


 For Q4'23 TDS Filing in 27Q, have deposited TDS 4 days after due date.  instead of 7/Mar paid on 11/Mar.

For this i have paid 1.5% interest for 1 month (Rs.342).

But my 27Q TDS return is not processed and received a demand of Rs.10,750 as interest under 201

How to appeal for this correction and waive off the incorrect interest demand in Traces.

Can we raise a query under Justification request in traces.

Details :

Paid to Deductee: 1 Lakh -on 17/FEB/23.

TDS @ 22.88% is 22,800 deposited on 11/Mar with 1.5% (Rs.22800)=-342 (Due date 7 of next month = 7/Mar)

For this challan - received Jurisdiction demand of Rs.10750 as interest .

Hope this is incorrect and to be appealed.