How is 5 years continuous contribution for EPF calculated when there is gap between jobs

Karthik K (11 Points)

29 July 2022  
  • In my first job, I was contributing to EPF from August 2015 to October 2017 (2 years 3 months)
  • Then I joined a startup which was not contributing to PF and started doing so only from March 2020. (So, a gap of 2 year 5 months).
  • By the end of 2022, I would have contributed for 2 years 10 months in the current job.
  • Also, I have transferred the PF balance from my old employer to the new employer.
  • If I leave my job at the end of 2022, would I be able to withdraw my entire PF amount tax free (Given that total years of contribution was 5 years)?
  • Also, my understanding is that 5 years of continuous service is needed for transferring PF to NPS tax-free. So, at the end of 2022, would I be able to transfer the EPF balance to NPS tax free? (Despite the gap in contribution to EPF in the middle)