Here is a Real Story of Ratan Tata...

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114200 Points)

16 June 2010  

Here is a Real Story of Ratan Tata.

So many people around the world want to know that "What is the Net
Worth of Ratan Tata"?

TATA Group is running 96 businesses and out of which 28 Companies are
publically listed on the various stock exchanges.
Tata Group is world's top 50 Group according to Market capitalization
and Reputation.

Have you ever thought why Ratan tata's name is not in the list of
billionaire' s club? why Ratan Tata is not a billionaire on the Forbes
magazine list of billionaire people of the world?

The reason is that, TATA Group's 96 companies are held by its main
Company "TATA Sons" and the main owner of this TATA Sons is not Ratan
Tata but various charitable organizations developed and run by TATA

Out of which JRD TATA Trust & Sir Ratan Tata Trust are the main.
65% ownership of TATA Sons which is the key holding company of the
other 96 TATA Group Company is held by various charitable

So this 65% ownership ownership of Tatasons Limited is not reflected
on Ratan Tata's personal Financial Statement but on the various
charitable organizations. and this is the reason why Ratan Tata is not
in the list of Billionaire club.

if we put this 65% ownership of Tata Sons in Ratan TATA's own personal
financial statement then Ratan Tata's Net worth can become more than $
70 billion. and that's much more than the Warren Buffet's Current Net
Worth of $ 62 billion, the world's richest person according to Forbes
magazine 2008.

However, it doesn't mean that Ratan Tata is poor. In one interviews he
had told the reporter that, "I have my own Capital". He is the
chairman of Tata Group so obviously he earns lots of money every year
as a bonus, remuneration and salary. However, Ratan Tata's Net worth
is not $ 1 Billion.

He is not a billionaire on paper. but in reality he is the richest
person of the world. His net worth in reality is more than Bill Gates
and Warren Buffet.
SO the good thing about Tata Group is that, They do Charity out of
their Money...

And that is the reason TATA Group has generated so much of Goodwill
over last 5 generations.


Source: e-mail.