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22 August 2012  

I request the readers to read it patiently (cos it is a big discussion but at the same time its an eye opener).

Recently i came across a query of a beginner (CPTian) and realised that uski problem(s),CA ,CS,CWA…karne wale student(s) ki bhi problem hai “ya” ho sakti hai.


The first thing which I am going to share with you all is that many of us have studied about SWOT analysis…dont worry… main padhane wala nahi hu.


According to many students the topic helps us to “earn” some marks…. They say it because they want to become CA to “earn” a handsome income.


Ab yeh baat maine kisi ko kahi toh usne mujhe kaha, “boss we can also apply this method in our daily life, it helps us.


” Hmmm baat toh sahi kahi “it will help us”.


BUT do we REALLY apply it?


• Is it because hame hamari kamiyo aur khamiyo ki aadat ho gayi hai?

• Is it because we are not able to discover our weaknesses?



Now you must be thinking kya hai ye sab….main baat pe aao. Maine kaha :“ok”.


General knowledgeOthers This query is : Open Vivek Daga ( Author ) 28 June 2012

I am a CA student, just given CPT exam. I am facing some problems.

* My social, financial, practical knowledge about the subjects is not so strong. Neither my general knowledge is so good, nor my current affairs.

* I watch television and switch ON to channels like ZEE Business and CNBC TV18, but I failed getting nothing.

* I am poor at Economy, these shares,..these financial problems, these dollars and all, these Budgets, The central & state governments,....

* I want to read newspapers, but hardly get 10 minutes and can not extract some sufficient part from that...

 * I want to have some tips about these practical things....

* What to do, what not to do..

* What are the practical things, on which, we have to stress upon.

* Help ,me to become a successful and perfect CA. Also, after my B.Com., my aim is to do MBA from a world class college, so for that, what preparations should I start doing from now on so as to have myself on to a proper place at that time. I ll be grateful to you for the part of my life....




Aap mein se kuch ko iski query saayad bakwas lage par mujhe nahi lagi. And I came up with these conclusions:

The reaons why he wrote these may be:

• Lack of awareness

• Lack of knowledge

• Lack of experience

• Lack of understanding

• Lack of maturity

• Lack of intention/interest

• Lack of patience

• Lack of GUIDANCE ,etc

I admire his “willingness” to know so many things. At least he is aware kaha kya kami hai but he is unable to fill the gaps.



Ye problem(s) kahi na kahi khub sare CA students ki hai.

I know many of us are more than an average student but we still consider ourself to be an average one cos we have our own definition for the word “average”.

I wish I could have helped him but the problem is the problems he mentioned… are very similar to my own. Agar koi ye soch raha hai ke inn problems se hamari CA ka kya relation…. Let me explain…


“TRADING ON EQUITY” ke baare mein toh suna hi hoga.

Ek concern jo profit earn karti hai usme debt capital ka bhi contribution hota hai (jiski wajah se profits me leverage effect dekhne ko milta hai)

Similar is the case with our CA . If we have the general knowledge other than our subjects it helps us to gain better in monetary and non-monetary form on completion of our course.


One can suggest - read NEWSPAPER (any financial newspaper). Attend social gatherings He/she is absolutely correct cos it makes a difference.

But hum mein se kuch itne “average” bhi hai jo agar newspaper padhne baithe toh bhi saayad kuch samajh na aaye. I am saying this because some student fails to decode the things.


It happens cos hame easy english/saral hindi aati hai par inki pure/shudh form hamare bas ki baat nahi. Apne dekha hoga coaching centers mein hame topics simple tarike se samajh aa jati hai cos we feel comfortable when we understands things in a proper manner in our own language….some of us still do rattafication :-(


Friends whenever I read about rankers and achievers in our curriculum they spoke about two challenges after becoming CA:




Many are not getting jobs just because degree toh hai par knowledge thodi kam hai. So following the strategy of being pro-active instead of reactive is necessary.

I know some of you may not be having  gr8 solution(s) for his problems but I will still request you to provide reasonable suggestions, if any.

I did this gesture cos I follow the principle : “jyot se jyot jalate chalo”

Sorry if I wasted time of any one…I had no such intentions…it was just a way of presenting my thoughts.