Help!should i change my firm(articleship)?

Rhea (Student CA Final ) (633 Points)

15 September 2012  
Hi :) Soo let me start with my stupid story.I have been working as an article with this firm for over 2 weeks but I haven't officially registered with the institute yet.In these two weeks,I have mainly done- 1. Accounting work on tally and prepared financial statements on Excel. 2. Some Income Tax and TDS return related work. 3. Some corporate law related work,mainly ROC returns and prepared some deeds. You all know that september is known as the month of audits,but I haven't been sent to any audits yet.I did a little auditing work for a very small private limited company and a little vouching,that's about it.The firm is a CA Firm + Outsourcing Company and I feel like there major focus is on the work related to latter.They have outsourced employees so I guess they do the auditing work or something.I have tried to enquire about their spectrum of services but obviously they said they provide all kind of services including auditing.They always answer things ambiguously.I have asked my friends working with other firms how their articleship experience is,and they say they're not that satisfied cause they're only made to do audit work and don't get exposure in other fields.And here I am,who's barely getting any audit work.I'm feeling confused.What do you think I should do?