Help me!Im in Shock!

gaurav (CA Finale) (221 Points)

08 February 2011  

Help me guys coz i hav tried all d permutations nd combinations to try nd see how i can get myself to 36 mks tht  i hav scored  in cost and 41 in tax,nd i could nt even reach near it.The min. possible i cud reach was 50 in both of them.Was expectin exemption earlier atleast in one of them but now these marks hav put me in shock.(36-Cost,41-Tax,49-IT).Goin to give for retotalling but am sure nothin wud happen coz dey failed me by 24 mks ,Whereas In my 2nd attempt in may last yr. i studied 4 just 12 days nd got  138 mks.nd dis time only 126 mks.this has really shattered me.Also i want to know do we get or can we get  xerox of our answersheets of d subjects we hav given 4 rechecking.Pls. reply.This has been a real life nightmare 4 me.Worst day of my life..