Health Insurance help

Patrick Kori (SEO Meneger) (24 Points)

23 June 2008  

 I want to move out of state, and I am actually thinking about quitting my job and starting over. How long will my insurance cover me before I must pay out of my pocket, and does it carry over like that? Does it depend on the company and the type of insurance I have? I have never done this before, so I am unsure.

It is hard for companies to take me seriously out of state, when I am looking for jobs......They are pretty much hiring people that are already in the area so I don't really know what to do. The area I want to live does not have facilities even close to where I want to move too for transfer. Or should I just look for the closest facility? Which would mean more than one move!!

I am nearing 50, single/no children with avg health so I am taking a huge risk relocating w/o anything, can anyone help? I have BC/BS right now.