Haryana utility return latest version 0.3.1 released on 8th

Subramanya (Tax Consultant) (523 Points)

13 April 2016  

Haryana Utility Return latest version 0.3.1 released on 8th April, 2016.

Please download latest utility for filing returns  https://haryanatax.gov.in/HEXWAR/downloadReturnUtility.H T M L 

Following changes incorporated in Version 0.3.1
1. Following field made mandatory in LP3 table B of R1
- Product Amount
- Tax Amount
2. Following dropdown added in LP-8 in table A, B and C
Purchases from unregistered dealers
3. R13 return launched, for dealers registered under Rule 49A of Haryana Value Added Tax Rules, 2003
4. R8 return launched, for Brick kiln owners.
5. In R6 return, annexure LS11 added.
6. Large data handling in normal utility itself.
7. Final X M L with ”.X M L” and “.hex”( compressed version) extension shall be generated any of them can be uploaded on portal.
8. LS2 Annexure added in VAT Return R8.
9. Following field added in LP3 table B of R8
- Freight
- Tax Amount
- Product Amount