Happy Republic Day...Jai Hind

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114215 Points)

26 January 2011  

Happy Republic Day to All the Member, Admin and Moderators of CCI....

Republic Day Speech| Indian Republic Day Speech for Students|Republic Day 2011

We have been celebrating Republic Day of our great country for the last 61 years. This is our 61st Republic Day. I extend you very warm greetings in this auspicious occasion.

We are proud of our Independence, we are proud of our Democracy. But, Independence and Democracy doesn't ensure peace always. We have been witnessing heart stacking terrorist attacks and activities in our country. Terrorism and terrorists have been taking the lives of our valued citizens. The recent Taj Hotel attack was the one of the darkest of its kind. Although we are sovereign, free and republic, we are not yet free from these types of negative forces that's pulling our country from the main stream. We have to fight against these forces as our great freedom fighters fought against the foreigners to eliminate these elements from our great country and give us the priviledge to breath in a Independent Country.

Our country is a symbol of great diversity in every form. Time is running faster than anything. But still we hold this uninty close to our heart for the last 60 years. I wish feeling of oneness remains in the heart of every Indian in our movement to glorious future.
Jai Hind..