Happy Birthday, Karan

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

06 March 2012  

               The month of March has been a very very special month for me. My daughter, Rishila, was born on the 9th of March, 2008, I joined my present employment on March 16th... And, almost two decades back, on this very day - the 6th of March, a person was born far away from Kolkata, who was to become very dear to me - in whom I found a younger brother - one of the closest to my heart.


                      Dear friends, this person is none other than Karan - Karan Teli.


The word ' talented' is an oft-repeated word and, therefore, sometimes misused; but this word is most aptly used to describe Karan, - a CA Final student who excels in music, painting, writing ...His goal in life is to become an Entrepreneur.


But above anything else, he is a good human being -


  •   Before becoming a successfull person try becoming a successfull human first...

  •   It's good to be important but it's more important to be good.            "


Deep down his heart, Karan believes in the above-quoted lines taken from his Profile.


In this Auspicious Day, I wish him all the luck for his future efforts. May God shower His Choicest Blessings on this fantastic Human Being.