Guidelines for the interviewee’s at the interview

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Guidelines for the interviewee’s  at the interview

  • The interviewee must remember the fact that his first impression is the most lasting.
  • His general appearance must be neat.
  • He should arrive in time.
  • He has to bring all the certificates, documents, essential papers and other material needed for the interview.
  • He should enter the interview room with a straightforward and confident attitude.
  • He should not be nervous and agitated.
  • He should keep himself calm, composed and confident.
  • His expression should be pleasant.
  • He should greet the interviewer with confidence and politeness.
  • He need not wear a stupid smile while entering.
  • He should take the indicated seat.
  • He should not take the seat until he is asked to sit down.
  • He should sit in a relaxed but alert manner.
  • He should not play with the pincushion or the paperweight on the table of the interviewer.
  • He should not bend or lean on the table.
  • He must pay careful attention to what the interviewer says.
  • He must not interrupt the interviewers.
  • His posture must be appropriate.
  • His body movements must not indicate his nervousness or evasiveness. He should not clasp and unclasp his hands.
  • He must tell the truths, because his non-verbal statement will conflict with his verbal statements and it may reveal the fact to the interviewer.
  • His answers must be relevant to the questions asked by the interviewer.
  • He should not boast of his capabilities and vast knowledge.
  • He has to present his strengths to the interviewer, but he must not pretend to be something he is not.
  • He has to retain his dignity while answering even to the annoying and repelling questions.
  • He must always remember that he has to present the best qualities of his character.
  • He need not agree with all the views of the interviewer. He may express his individual views also.
  • He must not annoy or offend the interviewer.
  • He must try to avoid distractions such as chewing gum, smoking, etc.
  • He must express his keen interest and enthusiasms for the job and the organization.
  • All of his attitudes must be positive.
  • He need not criticize himself.
  • He should never become emotional and impatient. He should never lose his temper.
  • He should frankly answer the questions about his previous job.
  • He should not criticize his former employer and colleagues.
  • He should not try to look funny or serious-minded.
  • He should ask relevant questions to the interviewer in order to get essential information about the job and the organization.
  • He must not emphasize the issue of what the organization will do for him, but, on the other hand, he should tell about his potentials service to the organization.

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