Keval Shah (CA-Final) (306 Points)

30 July 2010  




Everybody will like to have a dream in the night and that is the reason why everybody wishing you to have sweet dream in the night. But you need to dream at the time you are awake and not at the time of sleep. At the time of sleep what the control do you have on the dream?

It is very easy to dream to become CA But it is very difficult to implement it in to action. Have you ever thought why there is a lower passing ratio and why do you fails and where do you commit the mistake?

The dream of you will turn in to thought. This is called stimuli in biological terms. (Stimuli and response theory). In the thought stage you may be thinking about the forthcoming series of action. Registration for CPT, Seeking coaching centre for CPT studies etc. The thought then turns in to action. Up to thought stage every student will act almost similar but from the stage of action the difference will show by the student. This action stage determines whether will you qualify or fail and qualify or quit the CA course.

To become CA you must have a burning desire and self confidence with you and a sacrificing state of mind. These three things are very essential to become a qualified professional.

Mental preparation

Do remember that the course is challenging in the nature and professional course too. So frame a strong state of mind and mentally prepare. Mentally imagine the series of action plan. Mind shall be cautious. If you believe your self and do the things in right way then no one will prevent you to get through the course even ICAI. You can challenge even ICAI. Cautious theory will help you. What is cautious means the course is challenging and need to devote more attention towards the syllabus is main factor.

Right plan and Right action

Investment in the resource of time is a main factor here. You need to have an expert knowledge here and the level may be differ from your graduation level or plus two level. Will take some time to the flow of CA course. There are challenges which you need to face in both group accounts and cost and FM papers and other theory papers.

Decision to write both or Individual group

Decision to write both group and Individual group is the major decision. This decision will be get influenced by the availability of the time. There must be buffer of time with you for good revision. This decision will have a long term implication so be careful in decision making process. Once you taken the decision (Whether it is right or wrong) seems to be irreversible.

Decision to take coaching

Coaching in some instance will kill your own ability. No doubt if you have not taken this aspect then you may be a permanent failure. First instance it will kill your ability to learn and will create a dependency on the coaching institution. But you can take coaching for strengthening and sharing your skills .Coaching is just a coin and has two sides. Take the right side.

Reference Book

Today in the market wide range of reference books will be available. No doubt ICAI material is good one but it is not structured, will take more time to complete. It is highly recommend you to keep one reference book along with ICAI module. A good reference book will replace a good teacher. But selection of good reference book is important.


Systematic studies

Most important medium to fetch the information in to human brain is written mode. If you read, you can cover the syllabus speedily but you will forget what you learned here. First read and understand, make notes on what you had learned in a note book and try to re produce it. It is highly recommended to you to do a periodical revision also. If you do the above manner you can clear the exam without much difficult.

Mental preparation before exam

You must keep at least two month before for your revision. In this stage you need to understand the important area. All the chapters were not so relevant for exam. Buy scanners and past suggested answer. Your success and failure will lies in this revision stage. Do maximum hard work during this stage.


During the time of exam

Be prepared for surprise and tact question. You should have a good time management strategy. Read carefully the question start with most confident question leave the toughest question to handle for last hours of exam. It will build your confidence gradually. You must have a better presentation too. It is highly recommend writing point wise rather than an essay type answer. If you see the answer in suggested answer it is also essay type of answer but examiner will be happy if you present the answer in point wise so that he need to wander for the answer.


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