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CHRISTAS HERWIN   09 December 2019


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I have started a business .. expected turnover is not more than one lakh rs per I have to file gstr1 everymonth ? or quarterly?

if I am filing on quarterly basis, should I file gstr3b also quarterly ? and liabilities also quarterly?

if I want to file monthly can I do it ?

and I have changed the filing period from quarterly to monthly and monthly to quarterly again ... can I change it to monthly again... this is my first filing, I have not filed any returns..

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SOWJANYA M   09 December 2019


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If the agrregate turnover is below 1.5cr the registrant can opt filing quarterly gstr1 returns

but u have to pay the tax liability to the government monthly only. gstr3B must be filed monthly on or before 20th of every month

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Shivam RC (Student)     09 December 2019

Shivam RC
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The Government has given option to file FORM GSTR-1 "QUARTERLY" to small Taxpayers whose Aggregate Turnover does not exceeds Rs. 1.5 crore. However GST Return in FORM GSTR-3B will be Monthly irrespective of any turnover limit.
GSTR-3B have to be filed every month within 20th of the following month ( for e.g. November GSTR-3B within 20.12.2019 ).

As far as changing of option is concerned , you can change it only at the beginning of the new FY.

Note : Filing Returns and Statements under GST Regime is "mandatory". Even if no business transaction has been held in a particular month, then you have to file NIL RETURN for that particular period.


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Sameer Khan   10 December 2019

Sameer Khan

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If the Aggregate turnover is up to 1.5 crore per annum than you are liable to file GSTR 1 is Quarterly but GSTR 3B is mandatory to file monthly before due date.


Pankaj Rawat (GST Practitioner)     11 December 2019

Pankaj Rawat
GST Practitioner 
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As per Notification 45/2019 CT : 

Whose aggregate turnover is below 1.5 crore is required to file  Qtly GSTR 1.

As per Notification 46/2019 CT 

Whose turnover is above 1.5 crore is required to file GSTR 1 monthly.


And GSTR 3B need to file by every taxpayer On monthly basis

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