Gstr 3b | ineligible itc

Avinash Jeevan Dsouza (Assistant In Charge Accountant)   (3284 Points)

21 March 2019  

While filling the GSTR 3B, We had total ITC of 120,000 in this eligible ITC was 40,000 and ineligible was Rs 80,000.

In the box number 4 Part (A) line 5 we need to show full credit of 120,000 and reverse the ineligible in the part (D) line 1 of Rs. 80,000 under (As per section 17(5)). That time we well get the ITC of net 40,000/-

But we have mistakenly shown 40,000 in Part (A) line 5 and Rs. 80,000/- in part (D) line 1.

Can we rectify this mistake in the return GSTR 3B?