GST rate on Waffle Store/ Bakery

Rajinder Goyal (0 Points)

12 January 2022  

Need an expert advice on the following query. Kindly post in the group.

A newly opened fast food outlet offering

Freshly prepared Waffles, Pancakes ( chocolate as well non chocolate coated), Burgers, Wraps/ Rolls, Sandwiches, Shakes.

Mainly sell on Zomato and Swiggy. These portals have started imposing gst on all the customers from Jan 1.

Now all the above items attract different rates of GST, which makes it very difficult.
Average expected revenue is 5lac per month.
Can we opt for the composition ?
Means 5% on all without ITC?
And if we don't opt for the Composition (or it's not available to us), will we be entitled to ITC?

Thanks & Regards.
Rajinder Goyal